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Learning how to play craps is a lot easier now that free craps games are available online. You obviously can't learn anything about dice control or dice setting by playing online, but you can get a feel for how the action of the game plays out by playing the free games. (There is a tendency for a lot of really smart people to be skeptical of the potential advantage to be gained by dice setting anyway.) Also, free craps games are available at any of the online casinos mentioned anywhere on this site.

"He's an honest man. You could shoot craps with him on the telephone."
- Earl Wilson

Online casinos make free versions of their games available so that you can try out their software and decide whether or not you like playing on it before actually depositing money. Multiple software providers offer online craps games, including Microgaming, Realtime Gaming, and Playtech, among others. (Those are my three favorite software packages to play craps on, anyway.) Many of these casino software clients take a few minutes to download, but they're often worth it because you get a free state-of-the-art video game version of over 100 casino games usually, including craps.

I've included on this page a free craps game you can play online. It's a flash version of the Microgaming craps game that can be played at Riverbelle casino. Playtech also has no download flash versions of their games available, but I've always been partial to the look and feel of the Microgaming craps game.

Did you know that craps is actually a simplified version of an Old English dice game called "hazard"? In terms of basic gameplay, the players take turns rolling the dice, and all players bet on the same roll, no matter who the "shooter" is. It's also been speculated that the original name of the game, or at least one of the former names of the game, is "crabs", but that's no longer in use anywhere as far as I know.

Another fact you might not be aware of as it relates to craps is how much of the lingo from craps has become a standard part of our colloquial English. "On a roll", "no dice", "crapshoot", and "do it the hard way" are all examples of craps lingo that have become part of our standard usage.

Anyway, the entire point of this page is that you can learn the basics of craps play from free dice games on the Internet, and the game above is one great example of a free game you don't even have to download.

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