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Bodog Casino Offers Mac Compatible Craps

If you're a Mac user and you've tried gambling online, then you've probably run into a bit of trouble. Most online casino software is not Mac compatible, so if you're a Mac user and you want to play craps on your computer, you probably haven't been able to. If this describes you, then I've got good news for you: the Flash games available at Bodog Casino work great on a Mac, and you can even play craps.

You've got lots of reasons for using a Mac computer instead of a PC, and probably the most important reasons are their safety and security advantages. Almost no viruses or spyware attack a Mac, because most people are using the PC. And by their nature, spyware and viruses are looking to hit the most users they can. Using a Mac is a great example of a reason to "stand out from the crowd".

Bodog is a great casino at which to play craps too. They offer a $200 bonus any time you refer a friend to play there, which is GREAT for your gambling bankroll, and they offer a 10% reload bonus every time you add more funds to your account. (In other words, every time you deposit $100, you get $10 extra to play with.) This 10% deposit bonus applies on your new deposits at Bodog too.

Many online casinos offer lame bonuses where you get a huge amount of money to play with, but you're stuck with insane wagering requirements. A lot of casinos don't even allow craps wagering on your bonuses. But Bodog has a reasonable wagering requirement of 15 times your initial bonus, and you are allowed to play craps, although the bets on opposites (like pass/don't pass) won't count toward your wagering requirements, for obvious reasons. (Hey, they've got to be able to turn a profit and stay in business, and if you take a look at some other casino bonus wagering requirements, you'll see that almost all of them are considerably more restrictive than this.)

Most importantly, the flash craps software that's Mac compatible at Bodog is beautifully designed, realistic, and manages to capture the spirit of the game of craps brilliantly. Some no download craps games might be too small, or they don't look quite right, or they have silly sound effects, but the craps software at Bodog, especially the no-download version for Mac users, is just about perfect in every way.