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Internet Craps - How to Play Dice Online

How to Play Craps Online

The number of people playing casino games like craps on the Internet is growing at a tremendous pace, and the number of internet casinos who offer games for real money is growing too. And while playing dice in a virtual casino might not measure up to the adrenaline rush you'd get from playing in an actual land-based casino, it certainly has its advantages. For one thing, you don't have to leave your house, and it doesn't matter how you're dressed. For another, maybe you're not a social person but you enjoy watching the dice roll and trying to get an edge. Playing craps from your computer is an ideal situation if that describes you.

Online casino craps is similar to craps in a traditional casino. The rules are the same, but you place your bets with the click of a mouse instead of physically placing chips on a table. The dice still roll and the odds are the same, but the outcome is determined by a random number generator rather than by actual dice rolling. The major difference is the social aspect. Online dice, by its very nature, is not a social game, while enjoying the camaraderie involved in playing craps with other people is part and parcel of what people enjoy so much about playing in a casino.

Downloading, Signing Up, and Depositing Funds

Downloading an Internet casino is as simple as clicking on the download button on the site. Some casinos don't even require a download, and honestly, the flash version of craps from Microgaming (which you can play at 7 Sultans or Spin Palace) is probably just as good as the downloadable version. All of the casinos listed on this site offer free play options too, so you can become comfortable playing the games and interacting with the software before you actually risk any money.

Signing up for the account is easy too. Just be sure to read the terms and conditions before filling out the forms, and then just fill in the blanks. The only mistakes that people make during this process are dumb ones. Don't open multiple accounts at the same casino in order to take advantage of the signup bonus more than once, for example. That's just dumb, you'll get caught, and the casino will probably keep your money too.

Depending where you live, you might have trouble finding a credit card that doesn't decline your transactions with an online gaming company. If that's the case, we recommend NETeller, which is an online wallet service similar to Paypal, only they specialize in online gaming transactions. Their customer service and security are terrific, and we've used their services for years with nary a problem.

Bonuses, Winning, and Cashing Out

Most Internet casinos offer signup bonuses. These are great, but they're also really aimed more at slot machine players than craps players. Most casinos on the net don't allow craps wagers to count toward the wagering requirements that are included as part of the terms of the bonus offer. (Almost all casinos require you to wager your deposit + your bonus a minimum of 15 times before winning and cashing out - the multiple varies from casino site to casino site.) So the best thing to do with your bonus is to play the slots until you've fulfilled your wagering requirements, then take what's left and use that money to play craps with.

When you win and you're ready to cash out, the easiest thing to do is just transfer the money into your NETeller account. Most casinos will mail you a check too, but an instant transfer to your NETeller account is almost always faster and easier. And you can set your NETeller account up so that you can transfer funds from them directly into your checking account.

Where to Play Craps Online

There are numerous gambling websites in which to enjoy playing craps at online. Although craps has never been that much of a focus for the major software providers including (Microgaming, Playtech, Net Entertainment and others) they still offer at least one variant of craps for players to enjoy at casinos powered by their software.

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