Craps Hero

Best Craps Websites - Top Craps Sites and Web Pages - The site is written by a Las Vegas craps dealer. Their advertising policy is stated clearly in the first paragraph on the page too - no pop-ups and no flashing banners. Not only does the site include accurate information about every single craps bet you can make, but it also includes a directory of Vegas craps casinos that gives details for the playing conditions at each of the casinos there. (Next Shooter also includes an "other cities" guide which covers craps conditions all over the world, including England.) Next Shooter is my top craps pick.

Wikipedia Craps - The Wikipedia is a volunteer edited encyclopedia. (You've probably heard of it.) What's great about the craps page in the Wikipedia is that it manages to cover an enormous amount of information related to the game of craps in just one easy-to-navigate page with no advertising. The article includes an overview of the game, a look at the different bets available, the odds and house edge for various bets, and a brief overview of some of the various "systems" for winning at craps.

The Wizard of Odds - The thing about Michael Shackleford's website is that it is almost always the best place to find accurate information about a particular casino game. His craps guide is no exception to this rule of thumb. His explanations are clear, accurate, easy-to-read, and almost ad-free. (He currently has a single sponsor for the site, and their advertising is subtle and tasteful.)

rec.gambling.craps FAQ - This is possibly one of the most plain-vanilla, boring looking webpages you'll ever find. But if you're looking for information about craps in an FAQ format, then you will find it here.  No advertising at all, just straightforward information and answers about the game of craps.

Vegas Reference - I almost didn't include this site, because it's owned and operated by Michael Bluejay, who does the webmastering work for the Wizard of Odds, who is listed above. But it's impossible not to include it in a list of the best craps sites on the Internet, because it's just so damn well-written. And by golly, it's a pretty page, too, with easy-to-read sections set off with just the right amounts of colors. One of the other things I liked about Bluejay's craps page is his explanation of why craps is such a great game. (He starts the article by explaining that sometimes the house edge on craps is 0.2%, which is almost as good as a coin toss - a great way of putting it in perspective.) In other words, even though Bluejay and Shackleford work together on the Wizard site, Bluejay's own section on craps is an excellent quality resource in its own right. And his parody of craps instructions is laugh out loud funny.

Craps Pit - I really like the design and layout of this website. I think a lot of craps enthusiasts are adrenaline junkies, which doesn't always translate into good web design. This site is exceptionally clean and easy to read, and has lots of specific information. He does share some craps systems that I thought were interesting, but he doesn't make a lot of outlandish claims regarding his systems and strategies either.